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Things you did not know about casinos:

Casinos are one of the top tourist attractions, and they always have a way to capture your time and money. If you ask about winning at the casino to a person who gambles regularly, you will get an answer that you would have never anticipated. Casinos are there to entertain you, and you will have to pay for that entertainment no matter what you do. One thing you need to understand is that the house always wins and many things are done by the casinos to make you spend more time and money at the casinos. You might have come to know about these things, but there are certain things which you might have never heard about the casinos and the following are some of those:


You are always watched at the casino:

The casinos these days have thousands of cameras which are capturing your every move. It might feel that no one is watching you, but there is a camera which is continuously capturing every single move you make at the casino. You might have noticed that when you are constantly losing at various games and want to leave the casinos, you will be offered many free hotel rooms and other free things so that you will be tricked to spend more time at the casino and play more games.

You need to behave yourself while at the casino:

There are certain rules and regulations which you need to follow when you go to a casino. Most of the casinos have a dress code that you need to follow, and you need to behave yourself. You cannot randomly drop “F” bombs wherever you want. If the staffs at the casino feel that you are a nuisance, they have every right to call the security and throw you out.

You can call the local gaming regulatory agency if you feel that you are cheated:

Every casino has a gaming regulatory agency which will help you out if you feel that you are being cheated in a particular game and if you have a legitimate issue you can take it to the regulatory agency and raise a complaint. These complaints are taken to the manager of the casino.

China has the biggest casino market in the world:

When we hear the word casino, we immediately think about Las Vegas, but it might be surprising to know that China has one of the greatest markets for the casino industry.

The dealers have to wear clothes that are issued by the casino:

The dealers at the casino have to wear clothing that is provided by the casino as it will have no pockets. The dealers will not have any chance to slip anything in their dress, and they also need to wear an apron so that they will not be able to slip anything in their waistband.

Negative Effects of Gambling

Most of us visit a casino to have some fun, and we end up waging our money on certain games and leave the casino when we are done. But for some, gambling does more harm than fun. Everything in this world has its own limit, and when it crosses that limit, we allow various things to have control over us. When we let this happen, it brings about a great impact on the sustainability of our life.

Gambling was illegal till the late 1980s in most countries, but the legalization of gambling for economic benefits and tax revenues has made many people quite addictive. The results for the addiction to gambling can be devastating, and it not only causes harm to the person who is gambling but also to his/her family and the people who are next to them. These addictions can lead into losing relationships, jobs, social life etc. It can also cause mental health problems, and people can get very depressed when they lose their money.

The following are some of the negative effects of gambling:

Economic effects:

Studies have shown that two out of three gamblers tend to engage in illegal activities to pay for the debts they have created while gambling. There is a huge increase in the unemployment rate among gamblers. As many people lose their jobs, they end up in bankruptcy, and most of them are forced to sell their homes.  When people face so many financial issues, they mentally get upset and increase the consumption of alcohol and drug abuse. The increased consumption of drugs affects their health.

Social effects:

The families of the addict gamblers suffer to a great extent. They have to face many challenges and suffer physical and mental abuse. Most of the family members of the gambling addicts have received threats from money lenders and bill collectors. There is an extreme amount of stress that is faced by the family, and many couples end up in divorce and face mental stress due to these separations.

The children of such gamblers also face mental stress, and they feel abandoned and the miss out on all the care and affection that they should be receiving from their parents. Gambling addict parents often abuse their children both verbally and physically, and these children later have many chances of becoming a gambling addict in the future.

Health effects:

Gambling addicts face many health issues. Due to the increase in debts, they are mentally stressed due to the pressure they face from various money lenders. To battle with their mental stress and the problems, they face in the family many people start to consume alcohol and other drugs. They become very depressed and even end up committing suicide.

Becoming addicted to gambling can ruin your life, and one must understand that there is a limit for everything. Treatments are available for such people and if you know someone who is addicted to gambling you can help them out.


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